Yuri Vanetik

Political Involvement

Yuri Vanetik has taken on numerous financial leadership roles in American politics, and has proven to be a formidable political coalition builder over the years.

He has held prominent leadership positions in both state and federal government, served in financial leadership roles in various Republican organizations, participated in leadership and contributed to political campaigns and PACs, and held advisory positions for some of America’s most prominent leaders.

Mr. Vanetik has been appointed to several offices, including Homeland Security Council for Region I, and was appointed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to serve on the California Criminal Justice Council and as the California Lottery Commissioner. He is not only active in these specific offices and positions, but also within the Republican Party in general as an active member of some of the most important GOP organizations. Yuri has held financial leadership positions within the Republican National Committee, Republican Governors Association, and National Republican Congressional Committee.

Mr. Vanetik’s positions in key supporting roles to some of the most widely known political figures in the United States include his participation in the 2008 presidential elections, during which he served as State of California Co-Chair and All American Vice Chair for the Rudy Giuliani Presidential Campaign. He was a major fundraiser to Senator John McCain, and served in his Kitchen Cabinet.


A major proponent of the free market, Mr. Vanetik supports common sense policies predicated on libertarian ideals. When it comes to business and economics, he believes in the implementation of strategies that provide opportunity for people to take control on their own futures and careers while not relying too heavily on the government for support. He believes in cultivating the best talent from both the United States and abroad, and in providing stable opportunities for immigrants who are highly skilled. Highly skilled employees enhance the businesses for which they work, and thereby create collateral benefits for every participant in the US economy.

Yuri Vanetik is a Lincoln Fellow at the Claremont Institute and serves on the national board of Gen Next and the Gen Next Foundation