Ordinary citizens are afraid, experts have a different opinion

Originally published BY Yuri Vanetik –
– March 28, 2023

Putin plans to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus. The United States is closely monitoring the situation. “We have not seen any indications that he has fulfilled that promise or moved any nuclear weapons,” said John Kirby, a member of the US National Security Council, in an interview with CBS regarding Putin’s statement. How did Americans perceive such news and statements from the Kremlin? Does the US have confidence that Putin-Lukashenko will actually use nuclear weapons if they find themselves in a “corner”?

In the US, this is seen as Russia’s pressure on the West. Nuclear weapons have always been what Russia has frightened with. The Russian president raised these issues before – both through hints and clear statements.

As I have already mentioned, our people (the author resides in the United States – “Apostrophe”) are certainly afraid. Normal people have always been afraid of a nuclear war. I am talking now about ordinary Americans. But when our military experts comment on this topic, they say that the chance is minimal: it is unlikely that Russia will do this because such a step will have the greatest consequences for them.

We even say that this puts the physical existence of the Russian president at risk…

Today we are talking, as we know, about tactical nuclear weapons. At the same time, in addition to purely military consequences, we also note that the use of such weapons will have a catastrophic impact on the environment in many countries, including Russia itself. In other words, in the event of even the use of tactical warheads, the world expects enormous consequences.

We are also discussing another interesting topic. That is, Russia will scare the West with nuclear weapons, but they may use some unconventional combinations in war. That is, they may use some chemical weapons.

However, concerns and fears are mainly present among US citizens. This is more often observed among those who are already inclined to be afraid. However, at the level of specialists, there is a clear position – we will not allow Russia to either scare or intimidate us!

All this pressure on the West, on NATO, on the United States. Russia is putting itself on high alert not so much in terms of the offensive of some “banderovtsy”, as in the context of the fact that NATO is advancing on Russia and that if some aggression were to approach, for example, to the borders of the United States, then America would react similarly. In short, the Russians are trying to somehow justify themselves in the eyes of their citizens, although the world sees everything perfectly.

From a psychological point of view, those who try to intimidate and are not confident in their abilities behave in this way. These statements from the Kremlin are nothing more than an “attack” on the West by Russia!


Originally published BY Yuri Vanetik – Apostrophe – SEP 7, 2021