In today’s age, the ability to remain current on a variety of topics has become more accessible than ever, with information being readily available in countless forms. One medium that has taken on a new form in recent years are podcasts. In short, podcasts are audio files that can be found on the internet and is available to download to one’s computer or smartphone. In general, podcasts are recurring pieces that cover a popular or controversial topic. One industry that has made significant use of podcasts is politics. Podcasts have allowed working professionals in politics to voice their viewpoint, resulting in a significant number of political podcasts. With this in mind, it is important to learn about some of the podcasts that are offered, and how they differ from others.

The Federalist Podcast
Based off of an online magazine, the Federalist podcast provides their conservative viewpoint on a host of topics. What makes this podcast appealing to many Americans is its ability to view politics from the conservative standpoint, and not solely from one party. As a result of this approach, the Federalist podcast continues to be a popular choice for politics.

Pod Save America
As a podcast featuring former employees of President Barack Obama, Pod Save America dives into current events in politics. Because of their work with the former president, the podcast focuses on a left-leaning analysis of anything going on in the world of politics.

Left, Right, and Center
The podcast titled Left, Right and Center takes a different approach than many other political podcasts by bringing three people in, all with different political affiliations, to discuss some of the more recent politics stories. What makes the podcast exciting is the ability of the speakers to discuss such controversial topics without it becoming overwhelming while bringing interesting insights to the table. Left, Right, and Center allows listeners to hear the different sides of politics in a new way.

Originated from the publication, Politico, Nerdcast provides another show that does not significantly lean either way in politics. Instead, the podcasts’ host regularly has guests on the show with differing political affiliations, thus providing a show that analyzes all sides of a debate.

For anyone who is beginning to become interested in politics will often find that a podcast, like the ones discussed above, could help them learn more about the topic and its influence on today’s society.