Originally published BY Ivan Troyanov – International Apostrophe– AUGUST 4, 2020

Yuriy Vanetik, a well-known American political consultant, shares his views regarding what the US is expecting from Ukraine as the meeting between the two heads of state gets closer. Vanetik also opined on what Ukraine can expect from America in the post Trump political landscape.

The American lawyer and political consultant of Ukrainian origins told us what to expect from President Zelensky’s visit to Washington.

“Everything will be official, polite and nuanced, maybe even some new funds will be allocated to Ukraine, but it will not be huge sums. In the USA they are waiting for certain material changes from Ukraine and people perceive Zelensky’s coming to power with some skepticism”, – explained Yuri Venetik.

He also shared his feelings about Ukraine’s image in US. Vanetik explained that Ukraine is not the central object of attention of American politics.

“I don’t think the U.S. will be willing to be too aggressive in currying favors for Ukraine in a period of aggravated international relations. It should be understood that it is geographically very far away, which means we will not make major sacrifices for Ukraine just yet. But, of course, America will help with advice and money. Although it will probably not be the kind of support Ukraine expects or would like. People in the U.S. are increasingly seeing that Ukraine is a colony, where local oligarchs simply siphon off money, while they themselves live or have resources somewhere abroad. In the eyes of America Ukraine’s corruption is not the most attractive image”, he said.

He also shared his opinion on how he sees further cooperation between Ukraine and the U.S.

“In my opinion, the administration of President Biden today is not ready to deal seriously with Ukraine. But we will not abandon it, because Ukraine is important in a number of economic and geopolitical projects”, – said Yuri Vanetik.

He also shared his opinion that the American political establishment is not eager to work with Ukrainian politicians and businessmen. Often there is, for example, deception, when they say that they commit to ambitious projects, but give up with the slightest challenge and fail to keep their financial commitments.

Originally published BY Ivan Troyanov – International Apostrophe – AUG 4, 2021